4th Annual Primary Mathematics Conference | Developing Mathematical Minds | Saturday 8 August 2020 | Novotel, Sydney Olympic Park
4th Annual Primary Mathematics Conference | Developing Mathematical Minds | Saturday 8 August 2020 | Novotel, Sydney Olympic Park

4th Annual Primary Mathematics Conference: Developing Mathematical Minds

Saturday 8 August 2020, Novotel, Sydney Olympic Park

Anita Chin

Founder & Learning Strategist K-8
Anita Chin Mathematics Consultancy, NSW

A leading expert in Australian primary mathematics education, Anita works with schools across Australia to transform teachers and executive team members into confident, inspired mathematics educators and leaders. She does this by delivering a deep, whole-school understanding of the mathematics curriculum, along with innovative teaching techniques that inspire and delight.

Anita is the Founder and Learning Strategist K-8 at Anita Chin Mathematics Consultancy, which offers tailored whole-staff professional learning in schools, Anita’s famous demonstration lessons, her ChinLEAD series of maths leadership courses, practical after-school ChinUP workshops and popular annual team-based conferences. She loves taking primary educators on a journey of discovery, and helping them to build the next generation of deep mathematical thinkers.

In 2018, Anita co-authored The Whole-School Approach to Mathematics K-6 Model, and has also released a series of ChinHOW guides to help primary schools transform the teaching and learning of maths. In addition, Anita has created an abundance of free maths resources that are available on her website, www.anitachinmaths.com.au. They include everything from printables for classroom use to tips about storage of maths equipment.

OPENING ADDRESS | Developing mathematical minds

What do we mean when we talk about mathematical minds, and why is this concept so important? Anita will set the scene for this critical topic and share how today’s speakers will show you how to help all students think hard about maths without doing hard maths, developing resilient learners who embrace a challenge and value productive struggle.

WORKSHOP A1 | Leading a whole-school approach to developing mathematical minds

Do you need to inspire and support your staff to be confident in developing mathematical thinkers in their classrooms? You need a whole-school approach to mathematics! In this workshop, Anita will outline and explain a model to develop a whole-school approach to transform the teaching and learning of mathematics at your school. The model addresses both school culture and beliefs, as well as the nuts and bolts of high quality teaching and learning of mathematics.

After explaining the model, Anita will unpack three elements in more detail and provide strategies for achieving these at your school: (1) forming a dedicated Maths Crew; (2) building content knowledge in your staff; and (3) implementing a consistent lesson structure for mathematics K-6. You will be inspired to start leading the change to a whole-school approach to mathematics at your school!

  • Year level: K-6
  • Career stage: maths leaders, school leaders.

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WORKSHOP (repeated) B1 & C1 | Connecting concepts for all learners: getting the most from your concrete materials

Are you making the most of your concrete materials to encourage mathematical thinking in your classroom? In this workshop, Anita will demonstrate how teachers can take student learning to the next level by connecting their use of concrete materials to rich mathematical language, visual models and written recordings in the classroom. Participants will become the ‘students’ to experience what deep mathematical thinking looks, sounds and feels like when learning number concepts with concrete materials commonly found in most classrooms. You will be able to use these classroom-ready tasks with confidence immediately. Make it, say it, draw it, write it! Blackline masters and an e-folder of resources will be provided.

  • Year level: K-6
  • Career stage: early career teachers, experienced teachers, maths leaders, school leaders

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